Instead of reviewing topics of CBL that are and that we have already extensively covered, I wanted to discuss what I thought was the most concerning aspect of CBL which is the belief of “Us vs. Them”. This is a sensitive top that needs to be addressed between all community partners, university staff, and students. Without consideration and understanding of this relationship, more damage could be done instead of helping build strong community partnerships and sustainable relationships. There needs to be dialogue between all involved in the process of community based learning, including the individuals involved at the site. Students should not go into their CLB experiencing with the “Us vs. Them” attitude but rather an attitude that fosters openness to learn and be accepting of everyone.


Greetings from Kampala! 

It feels so good to be back in the city, this time in Kampala! It is a fast paced, crowded city! The second you reach Kampala, there is a thick layer of smog that you continue to breathe while here, but don’t worry there is so much more to do here! After taking a public taxi van for 4 hours, we literally jumped out in the middle of a bustling street filled with people, bodas, and cars. It was a bit overwhelming but luckily we all got bodas and headed towards Mccarerre University where Eric gave us a short tour. Originally we planned to stay at a hostel but Eric knew someone at Ham Suites which are apartment style rooms Near the university which we amazing and only $50 a night for the room. So we ended up staying two nights at this wonderful place. It had a real bed, furniture, and running water. The best part was the HOT shower which I haven’t taken in 3 weeks. It was amazing. 
In the past two days we were able to talk to various NGOs such as Cervicon, which focuses on cervical cancer, Mission for African Mothers, And MaRPs which stands for most at risk populations. We did some great networking as well as learned even more about what these NGOs envision for the future. 
Later that night we went to a bar/restaurant  called CasaBlanca which was very relaxing after having meetings all day! 
Today, Eric leaves for the states so Lauren and I will be doing some touristy things in the city before we head to Jinja where we will stay with a host family for about a week. This morning we did some research on top tourist sites and will probably visit the famous Gadafi Mosque which you can see in the view of the city, it’s huge. We will also visit the various Catholic cathedrals as well as do a little shopping, and watch some African dance. (Maybe I can learn some more African dance after my class in Madison!) 
Being in the city has been very productive and extremely fun to explore! It’s loud and crazy but the boda boda rides make it even more fun when you are zipping through jams and coming really close to other bodas and cars! It’s quite the adventure! 
Stay tuned! Many more adventures to come soon! 

Feeling the wind rip through your hair on a boda boda is one of the best ways to make yourself  feel alive. Uganda has treated me well. It’s beautiful. So one of our group members got ringworm so we left the guest house and ended up at this palace. nbd. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next. We had a chance to visit an NGO on disability. Tomorrow we are going to the island!

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