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1. You can’t make everyone happy.

I know, you want to be able to do it: Enroll at your parents’ alma mater, change the date of your party so your best friend’s boyfriend can attend it, answer your grandmother’s fifth Skype call of the day so she can update you on her bunions. Most likely, those things aren’t exactly on your list of priorities. It’s not easy to keep up with everyone’s wants and needs, let alone your own. Someone, somewhere will always be disappointed and you will eventually make peace with that.

2. You will never be satisfied.

Humans have a never-ending thirst always waiting to be quenched. Whether your goal in life is to earn a lot of money, to travel, or to attain notorious fame, the truth is it will never be enough. We just have a “can’t stop, won’t stop” attitude towards everything and refuse…

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