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1. It’s better to be the person that says “hello” and is ignored than the person that avoids eye contact.

2. Sometimes loyalty is the only quality you need in a friend.  Forget similar interests or identical senses of humor; if you can each count on each other being there when you need it most, you might’ve just found an invaluable friend for life.

3. Always take your make-up off at night—no matter how tired/drunk/rushed you might be.  You won’t regret it when you avoid the raccoon eyes the next morning or the break-out a week later.

4. Never tell someone when he or she looks sick or tired; they probably already feel it.

5. On that note, never point out someone’s sunburn; trust me, they already know.

6. Don’t judge someone for not drinking.  Don’t judge someone for drinking too much.  Don’t judge someone for…

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I grew up without any religious affiliation in a very religious town and now attend a southern college that also has a large religious presence. Many of my best friends are extremely religious and while I love them, I wish that they would consider the five following points.

  1. Lack of religious affiliation does not mean lack of morality.  I was talking to my very religious friend recently about different places we would like to live.  When I suggested France, she cringed and said that she could never live there because, as a country, France seemed to be very “immoral,” which I had never heard said before.  When I asked where she heard that, she said, “Oh I don’t know, I have just heard that they have the highest percentage of non-religious people in all of Europe.” Ouch. The two are not one in the same.
  1. Do not come…

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Not only do we want it, we need it. Freedom equates to survival for us. When we say that we want to go out for a few, whether it’s to grab a bite to eat or see a movie by ourselves, believe us. We’re not going out to cheat on you, we’re not doing anything mysterious, we just want some “me” time. Once you can understand this and respect it, we end up loving you 10 times more. Win, Win.


Deep down we’re feminists (without the title; it’s 2014 – we don’t need it). Although we like to do things on our own and occasionally fit the bill, we are not, and I repeat, we are not your mother. We don’t want to pick up after you around the house, we don’t want to micromanage your life, and we damn for sure don’t want to cook…

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I recently read a piece recently about a man describing what he wanted in a woman, what he believes most men want in a woman, and how these qualities make the most beautiful and ideal woman to be with. I agreed with some of it but was also put off by how he tried to pretend the post represented what most men thought. He also used words such as “submissive” as positive qualities for women to have. I can’t support that notion, either. Because, you see, we’re all different. We all have different ideals and different things we’re attracted to. So, here is what I am looking for in my ideal partner, someone to date and then marry and possibly have children with.

I want a woman who doesn’t play games. I want a woman who isn’t put off by kindness, honesty, openness, and being direct. She shouldn’t be afraid of…

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1. You can’t make everyone happy.

I know, you want to be able to do it: Enroll at your parents’ alma mater, change the date of your party so your best friend’s boyfriend can attend it, answer your grandmother’s fifth Skype call of the day so she can update you on her bunions. Most likely, those things aren’t exactly on your list of priorities. It’s not easy to keep up with everyone’s wants and needs, let alone your own. Someone, somewhere will always be disappointed and you will eventually make peace with that.

2. You will never be satisfied.

Humans have a never-ending thirst always waiting to be quenched. Whether your goal in life is to earn a lot of money, to travel, or to attain notorious fame, the truth is it will never be enough. We just have a “can’t stop, won’t stop” attitude towards everything and refuse…

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YES. This is awesome.

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After reading “The Woman I Actually Want To Be With”, I was surprisingly happy. Honestly, I was hoping for the best, but expecting the worse. I was expecting a column about the perfect woman. I’d say a mix of Barbie and Mrs. Cleaver. Much to my relief, it was contemporary, sweet, and realistic. Yet, there was still something missing. Between the original piece Joseph Rauch was referring to and his very own piece, we still do not have a woman’s perspective. Mind you, I’m not trying to create the next feminist headline. Instead, I’m allowing men to realize since we are not Barbie nor Mrs. Cleaver, we (well, most of us) are not expecting a Ken or Prince Charming.

Basheer TomeBasheer Tome

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I want a man who doesn’t play hard to get. A man who responds to my text message shortly after he reads it, rather…

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